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About Deon and Karin du Toit

Marriage/Family Counsellors and Life Coaches

Who we are:

We have been married for more than 43 years, we have two sons.  We both are certified pastoral counsellors.  We specialize in couples and family counselling.  We are both certified life coaches and Neuro Linguistic practitioners.  We are passionate about our purpose and calling - to help hurting people, couples and families.  

Our own story:

Like most couples, we started of by being madly in love with one other, so it was only natural that we thought our love was so unique and special that we would without a doubt be able to concur the world.

The first couple of years we were able to enjoy our marriage and to stay committed to one another. The love between us would always win against all odds. Even with some bickering and fighting now and again, we were always able to bounce back and forgive one another.   
Unfortunately after a couple of years the bickering and fighting became more severe and forgiveness became more and more difficult.  We seem to find ourselves fighting over the same issues over and over again.   

During those years Deon was a professional musician and I, Karin studied as much as possible about child development and parenting.  Needles to say this would just lead to more and more fighting as we had complete opposite ideas about child rearing.

During the year of 1990, we were approached by a a very good friend of ours to become part of a great business opportunity.  Because this was a very good trusted friend we did not think twice, Deon resigned his job and with complete trust in our friend we became part of this business venture.  Little did we know hat this decision would ruin us financially.

In June 1994, we were invited to a Marriage Focus getaway weekend. During that weekend we came to the realization that the way we understood Christianity was very far from what God intended. The main reason was that we had very little knowledge or understanding of God's Word. 

In Feb 2000 we received an invitation to become the leaders of the Marriage Focus ministry.  At first we declined, thinking that we are not equipped to take over a ministry, but after a year of praying and seeking a answer the passion in our hearts to help hurting couples and families grew stronger and stronger by the day.  

In February 2001 we started fulltime in Marriage Focus.

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  • My wife and I were two people who loved each other very much but could not have been more different from each other. As I reflect on our lives, I must say I owe a large part of the happiness we’re experiencing today to our counselling sessions with Deon and Karin.

     I met Deon when my wife presented me with an ultimatum. I only went along to state my case and thought I would be told that I was completely wrong and the cause of our marital unhappiness. Instead, I found a counsellor who was skillful and honest in his approach. 

    We were able to forgive one another, and we slowly but surely build a truly loving, trusting, intimate and fun relationship again.
  • Karin was able to help me make sense of my life and the thoughts that made me feel extremely stuck and hopeless at the time. It is not a quick fix, but I am doing much better and am able to cope with my anxiety a lot better.

    Karin has a loving non-judgmental manner that makes you feel that you can trust her, and she always refers to her own battles that she had to fight and overcome during her life. I believe my life is a work in progress, but one that I will continue with confidence.
  • We were engaged when we got a pre-marital course as a present from my mother-in-law. Our first thoughts were that she was wasting her money and our time, we were in love, and we really did not need this.

    After the first session we could not believe the amazing time we had, and how much we gained from the session. Every week thereafter was a learning experience, for which we will always be grateful. We made a promise to one another that we will attend marriage enrichment sessions or weekends on a yearly basis.

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