We provide counselling and assistance in: 

-Communication and conflict skills
-Build a healthy self-esteem.
-Understand and manage depression, anxiety and fear.
-Get emotional healing from your past.
-Get to the root of the problem.
-Understand your mind, body and soul.
-Understand your needs and desires.
-Learn what is means to love unconditionally. 
-Restore your broken relationship from trust issues.
-Overcome addictions.
-Learn new communication skills and empathic listening skills.
-Receive other advice, according to your unique challenges.

Marriage or Couples Counselling:

 The aim of this counselling is to help the couple develop the tools to make a relationship work. This could include gaining insight into their dynamic, to grow in the understanding of each other's needs, to resolve the conflict they are having or to enhance the relationship.

Not all couples receive counselling for the same reasons. Some couples may need therapy to improve their relationship, others come to save their relationship and some couples even seek therapy to assist them through their divorce.

Family Counselling:

Each family is unique and has its own challenges, and some find it hard to live in harmony with each other.  Unforeseen circumstances, stresses, different views, expectations, rebellious children and parenting problems all play a big role in the family’s well-being.  Family Counselling provides the family opportunity to communicate and to help resolve problems in a respectful way.

Family Mentoring:

Successful mentoring relationships go through four phases: 
- Preparation
- Negotiating
- Enabling growth
- Practice

During these phases we will give guidance on:
- Personality Types
- Love languages
- Honest open communication
- Conflict resolution skills
- Family vision
- Strong family values, culture and traditions

Individual Counselling:

Therapy is a collaborative process between the counsellor and the client forming a relationship of trust and transformation.

All counselling or therapy is tailored to the individual's needs and what fits them. We work with all people, from adolescents to adults in short-term or long-term therapy.
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