A life coach can assist you in achieving: 

A clear vision of your purpose and who you want to be.
Identifying and getting rid of your limiting beliefs.
Learning to communicate more effectively.
Setting goals on how to achieve your objectives.

Professional growth:

Professional growth consists of discovering and applying your personal strengths to your professional environment in a way that enhances your work ethic and productivity.

Intellectual growth:

Intellectual growth means stimulating your mind intellectually, gaining new skills and staying inspired to always keep learning.

Relational growth:

Relational growth is aimed at learning new skills to enrich your personal interaction with others.

Emotional growth:

Emotional growth consists of understanding emotional intelligence and learning how to apply it in all areas of one’s life.

Physical health:

Physical growth is aimed at living a holistically healthy lifestyle that will give you the energy and vitality you need to achieve your goals.

Creating a personal growth plan:

The first step in developing a plan for your personal growth is thinking about what you really want. What are the results you want to see? What is the ultimate desired outcome for your pursuit? You need to clarify what you want from your personal growth and have a clear outcome in mind.

Discover the deeper "why":

You need to challenge yourself to think of a deeper “why.” What are the reasons behind your personal development plan that will keep you motivated to achieve your desired goals?
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